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21st Century Renewable Energy Systems
for 21st Century Businesses.

Help protect your family's health,
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Straight. Forward. Thinking.™

At STEADY STATE®, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide cost effective, common sense sustainability solutions for any size home, business or investment property.  We are proud to offer Steady State® brand solar and geothermal design, development, consulting, and other renewable energy and green building services throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.

The People Behind Steady State®

Founder & IGSHPA Accredited Installer 

As a Founder and Manager of Steady State Renewable Energy Company, Craig enjoys operating a business that combines his interests in the environment, natural resources, energy, real estate and construction.  Craig holds a Master of Science degree in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Oklahoma State University.  With over a decade of hands-on experience with green building and energy efficiency strategies, Craig is a legacy LEED AP, and also holds IGSHPA and NATE geothermal installer accreditations, as well as heat fusion certification.  Craig is also licensed by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to drill and complete geothermal heat exchange borefields.

Craig has been recognized as an outstanding young business leader by Oklahoma Magazine and The Journal Record, and received the OSU Environmental Science 2011 Green Award for Sustainability.  Craig also volunteers in the community, currently serving as Chair of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Oklahoma Chapter Board of Directors, and as Past Chair of the USGBC South Central Regional Committee, representing 6 USGBC Chapters across Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.


Matt is a Certified Green Professional (CGP) by the National Association of Home Builders, and is a founding member of the Tulsa HBA Green Building Council.  Matt recognizes the value of incorporating green building techniques and resources for improved efficiency, quality, and environmental impact; and thus, he integrates these techniques and resources as part of the development and construction process.  Matt is a Member of the Oklahoma Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and was also the developer and builder of Tulsa’s first LEED Gold certified single family home – incorporating recycled, locally-sourced and non-toxic building materials, high performance electrical, plumbing, insulation and window systems, a large rainwater harvesting system, as well as solar and geothermal renewable energy systems.

Matt has also earned the designation of Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) from NAHB.  This designation requires builders to meet prescribed standards of practice, to have a proven track record of successful project management, and to uphold the NAHB Code of Ethics.  Matt is one of only a few builders in the Tulsa area that has received this designation.  In addition, Matt is also a Certified Professional Builder by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association, and is a Licensed Professional Building Contractor with the City of Tulsa.

"Craig is a highly motivated green building professional and entrepreneur. He is a creative thinker and knows how to solve problems by thinking quickly through many different approaches to achieve a goal. In addition, he is an all around nice guy with a great sense of humor who is fun to work with!"

− Scott Beckman, Solargreen Technologies

"Craig is a true professional with a real passion for his industry, the combination of which elevates him as an expert in the field. I highly recommend Craig."

− Craig Sundstrom, Secretary of Energy and Environment, State of Oklahoma

"Craig provided an energy audit of my home then completed the suggested improvements. The work was professional, and my heating bills have been lower. I would certainly use Craig in the future and recommend his work to anyone looking to cut their energy costs."

− Robert Farr, Enable Midstream Partners

"Craig is very knowledgeable in all aspects of construction - especially green building - and has innovative ideas. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to find ways to help build, remodel, or retrofit properties for better energy efficiency, indoor air quality, or any other green building strategies."

− Matt Means, LandMark Constructive Solutions

"Craig is very knowledgable regarding green building, green real estate development, geothermal systems and precisely what is required to attain LEED certification. He was instrumental in the GreenPark project we collaborated on, and I would highly recommend him for any green building, green real estate, LEED or geothermal project."

− Todd Stephens, Harris Architecture

"Craig is a consummate professional in the areas of sustainability management, energy efficiency technologies and green building. He blends a personal dedication to these technologies with sound business sense. I trust his judgement, and he always delivers. Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss Craig's qualifications."

− Tom Pipal, Pipal Hall et al

"Craig has an incredible passion & understanding of green development and energy management."

− John Madden IV, J. Madden Homes

"I have partnered with Craig to teach several continuing education classes here at TCC. Craig is the consummate professional and an excellent teacher, his students consistently rate his courses as some of the best and most educational they have had at TCC. Craig is one of the most reliable experts in Tulsa in the fields of green building and energy efficiency."

− Patrick Green, Tulsa Community College

"Craig is someone you want on your team."

− Reid Goolsby, TRIG Partners
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